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Frank Falvo – ‘Steal This Heart Away’

Due for release on the 29th November 2019, ‘Steal This Heart Away’ is the catchy latest release by Australian-based artist, Frank Falvo.

Taken from Falvo’s latest EP, ‘Steal This Heart Away’ is an intoxicating listen. Filled with high energy and catchy grooves, it is a song that stays with the listener long after the music has finished.

Driving guitars can be enjoyed from the get-go. Luscious drums and bass create the solid foundation from which the rest of the track can grow. We enjoyed the subtle but integral guitar riffs underpinning the superb vocals too.

Layered vocals, both male and female, fill the sonic landscape creating texture and colour within the piece. We adored the juxtaposition of the tones in vocals. They compliment one another beautifully always aiding and enhancing the other’s performance. Falvo’s voice is stunning. The depth of emotion he portrays to the listener makes the song feel relatable and inviting. Martika has provided the female vocals. She adds fresh energy to the piece with her alluring tone.

The instrumental sections are wonderful too. A magnificent synth solo is followed by a slide guitar one, captivating the listener’s attention. We loved the catchy chorus; it feels like an old friend returning by the end of the song.

We also enjoyed the mix, master and production of the single. Every part of the instrumentation sits well balanced within the song. With a song as strong as this one, we can not wait for the full EP to drop!

Filled with emotion and sincerity, ‘Steal This Heart Away’ is a great song. It is radio-friendly and ear-catching from the get-go. We are sure Falvo is destined to win many new fans with this release!

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