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Frank Joshua – ‘Sense Life’ (Jon Kennedy Remix)

The superb artist Frank Joshua is back! Joshua has teamed up with remixer Jon Kennedy to put a fresh spin on the title track from his excellent debut album’ Sense Life’.

Jon Kennedy is a superb producer. He describes his sound as Trip Hop / Electronica / Dad Step / Greenhouse / Out House / Gardentronica d-_-b. Joshua’s original release is an indie-folk masterpiece. So I felt a little nervous about the result of mixing these two artists’ styles, especially after loving the original ‘Sense Life’ so much. But, I need not have worried!

A guitar opens the release before compelling vocals reach out and touch the audience. We love the beat that drops and fills the piece with energy and a dynamic pull.

The chorus is engaging and filled with texture. The vocals and lyrics shine at the centre of the mix, but the pulsating and varied beats add a fresh, addictive groove to the piece.

In addition, the staccato keys inject their unique punchy character into the song and this remix will have you reaching for the repeat button.

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Joshua says about the track, “The lyric of ‘Sense Life’ is all about questioning life’s purpose and the role of love within it. Together with the encouragement to get out there and connect and ‘Sense Life’.”


Originally ‘Sense Life’ was recorded at Whitelight Production by Tony White, who produced the ‘Sense Life’ album. However, for this version, Jon Kennedy remixed the song in his studio, resulting in a completely fresh spin on a classic song with an enticing trip-hop feel and cinematic experience.

So make sure you add this remix to your new music playlist this week. Frank Joshua and Jon Kennedy are both artists at the top of their game, and we hope more collaborations are on the cards!

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