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Frat Mouse
Frat Mouse

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Frat Mouse – ‘Pretend’

Los Angeles based band Frat Mouse have released the superb single ‘Pretend’, in August 2020. It is an Americana release with a big heart. 

A beautifully picked acoustic guitar and harmonica open the release. The characterful and charming vocals kick in, and the scene is set. Lyrically, ‘Pretend’ is relatable and this is a big part of Frat Mouse’s appeal. They connect with their audience effortlessly. 

We enjoyed the chorus, which is memorable and stays with the listener after the music has ended. There is a wonderful vibe to ‘Pretend’ it is relaxed and hard-hitting in equal measures. We adore the stripped-back nature of the song. The simple instrumentation lets the single shine in the light in which it was written. 


Frat Mouse says about the release, “I wrote this song about how it feels to have your friends leave for college while I’m stuck at home with online learning. My college went fully virtual, and it is hard to watch all my closest friends leave, and thrive in places that don’t include me. I feel like I’m being left behind.”

Frat Mouse is comprised of band members Truman Sinclair (Guitar/Vocals), Griffin Meehan (Bass/Vocals), and Ben Lopez (Drums/Vocals). They cite their influences as artists such as Talking Heads, Heart to Gold, Mom Jeans, Toe, Abhi the Nomad, Citizen, and Blink-182, but Frat Mouse are making music all of their own. 

This is a band who are making waves. They are only 18 years old but are creating classic music. We very much look forward to hearing which direction they will take in the future. We’d love to hear a full album! Until them, check out ‘Pretend’ from the link below. 

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