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Freddy Charles
Freddy Charles

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Freddy Charles – ‘Dissolve’ 

Hailing from Los Angeles, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Freddy Charles is an exciting talent. His latest single ‘Dissolve’ is a genre fusion, and driving song which needs to be heard!

‘Dissolve’ opens to an enticing electric guitar. The drums drop, and the song is in full flow. Freddy Charles’s emotive vocal performance is stunning. It is underpinned by an electric guitar which creates colour and texture within the piece. A harmonious balance is achieved, and the luscious vibe shines through. 

In addition, ‘Dissolve’ is over six minutes in length. In that time, the audience is taken on a journey. The music cuts away halfway through and comes back with a hard-hitting instrumental followed by Charles’s stunning vocals. All of this makes for a wonderful composition. 

‘Emportez Moi’

Charles has also released his latest album ‘Emportez Moi’. ‘Dissolve’ is taken from this album. The impressive twenty-one track release, has to stunning stand out songs. These include, ‘Treading Water’, ‘She Hurts’, and ‘Cognitive Distortions’. It is a must-hear release this summer 2020.

Charles says he has a pop/rock sound, influenced by hints of jazz and EDM. He records every note of his music himself and acts as his own engineer and producer. This gives him complete artistic control of his musical vision. One look at his Instagram page shows the talent he possesses over many different instruments. 

We believe this is part of what makes Freddy Charles such an interesting musician. He is able to convey emotion and heart to his audience effortlessly. He can relate to them and make us all feel less alone together. 

So make sure to check out ‘Dissolve’ from the link below. We are sure the single will please existing Freddy Charles fans while winning him an army of new ones too. We very much look forward to what will come next!

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