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Freedust – ‘My New Sunglasses’

‘My New Sunglasses’ is the superb latest release from London-based band Freedust. It is a cross-genre release which will have you reaching for the repeat button!

The title track opens the release, and it is engaging from the get-go. We adore the melodic bass and punchy percussion which fill the sonic spectrum with luscious colour. The layered vocals are simply sublime too!

‘I Got Your Back’ is a standout song. It is a track filled with heart and soul which evolves before the listener. ‘Bloodlines’ is an addictive song too, with a stunning vocal performance and laid back vibe. The main melody is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

‘Light Your Day’ takes the album in a fresh direction and keeps the listener on their toes. It is a joyous song that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated!

Freedust says about the release, “The eleven-track masterpiece takes us on a fun thrill ride through the world of swing, pop, jazz, electronica and beyond. The sound on the album takes a distinctly vintage feel and melds it with a fresh modern flair.” They continue, “The result is something inviting and accessible but at the same time boundary-pushing and timeless.”

Music Placements

Formed in 2015, Freedust are a band who are going from strength to strength. Previously their music has been featured on commercials and video game soundtracks. We look forward to seeing where ‘My New Sunglasses’ will lead them next!

‘My New Sunglasses’ is a classic album in the making. We are so excited to have heard this release and very much look forward to hearing more from this innovating group in the future. 

So make sure you add ‘My New Sunglasses’ to your weekend playlist. Freedust are an exciting band who need to be heard!

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