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Fremmand – ‘Legendary Lover’

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Hailing from the Faroe Islands, Torshavn, Fremmand is an indie rock band whose latest single ‘Legendary Lover’ is a thoroughly compelling listen. 

Energetic and driving guitars open the release. There is a dark and brooding feeling, and the song evolves naturally. We loved the emotive vocals, which are varied and thoroughly compelling. The stoic bass and drums create a solid foundation for the rest of the instrumentation to grow from. We loved the chorus, which is compelling and is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Fremmand says, “The music is exploring the tension between dreams and desperation, and draws a line to early goth and post-punk, but is also forward-looking.” They continue, “Fremmand means stranger in Faroese referring to the themes in a lot of the songs, based on the feeling of alienation as well as themes of loneliness and isolation. Lyrically the songs are both in Faroese and English.”

Over the years, Fremmand has grown a close relationship with the American alternative rock trio, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This has led to Freemand touring with BRMC in both Germany and Denmark. Singer and guitar player Peter Hayes has joined Fremmand on stage at several shows, for the song ‘Holding on to Love’.

Fremmand is comprised of band members Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir – vocals, Tinna Tótudóttir – bass, Sigmund Zachariassen – guitar, and Tobias Weltzer – drummer/producer. Together they are a brilliant collective who are pushing the boundaries of alternative rock. There is also an excellent video which accompanies the release, the perfect visuals to compliment the addictive music. 

Released officially on 1/5/20, ‘Legendary Lover’ is available to stream now. Make sure you check it out from the link below! 

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