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Garbage Queen - 'Pretty Boy' Review 2020
FV Music Blog – Garbage Queen – ‘Pretty Boy’ Review 2020

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‘Pretty Boy’ is the brilliant alternative rock single by Garbage Queen. Hailing from Bristol, G.Q is set to make huge waves with this latest song which is released today, 10th June 2020.

Electric guitars and bass open the single before the drums and stunning vocals enter. There is a mysterious vibe created by the mesmerising vocals. The vocals are layered as the track progresses, and the instrumentation has rise and fall in its arrangement. This gives texture to the piece. We love the effect when the full band kicks in, and it feels as though the track evolves with the listener. The chorus has a hook that stays with the audience long after the music has ended. 

G.Q says about the release, “No one is safe from the spell of ‘Pretty Boy”s beauty and charm. This narcissistic abuser bewitched even Garbage Queen.” As she describes him, “He likes to ‘think about all the lovers he had, touching himself first’”. G.Q, using a plethora of emotions, will tell you the tale of ‘Pretty Boy’. “Be prepared for an expressive performance filled with irony, satire and anger.”

Garbage Queen was born and raised in Poland and moved to the United Kingdom in 2015. G.Q fell in love with music when, as a child, she was watching her Mother rehearsing for her recitals. She is a classically trained violinist, piano player, vocalist and songwriter. These skills show through on ‘Pretty Boy’.

Garbage Queen is an innovative and driven artist who is making unique and compelling music. We very much look forward to hearing what G.Q will do next! Until then, check out ‘Pretty Boy’ from the link below.

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