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General Vibe – ‘California Rocket Fuel’

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Based in Wellington, New Zealand, musician General Vibe has released his brilliant EP ‘California Rocket Fuel’ today, 30th April 2020.

‘Secondhand’ opens the release with a delicious groove. We love the subtle yet integral synths accompanied by the stoic beat. General Vibe’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful. They are heavily affected, but the character in their nature shines through. The single evolves before the listener, and the addictive nature becomes paramount. 

We enjoyed the title track ‘Rocket Fuel’, there is a darkness in its DNA which is deeply compelling. ‘Blank’ is an instrumental that takes the listener on a journey filled with colour and texture. Lyrically General Vibe is thoroughly compelling, and we believe his lyrics will resonate with many people. 

General Vibe says, “This is one of the hardest projects I’ve had to release because of what it is about. I really hope that it can help others through hard times by letting them know we are not alone”. He continues, “‘The EP ‘California Rocket Fuel’ is a name based off a drug cocktail used to treat severe depression. The EP may not seem on the surface like it is touching on the mental illness but when digging deeper into the lyrics and the moods behind the songs the listener will be able to realise what they are about.” 

Previously, General Vibe’s music has reached the ears of millions through streaming sites as well as being featured on the Netflix show “Dear White People”. Make sure you add ‘California Rocket Fuel’ to your weekend playlist. It is a stunning EP which deserves to be heard! 

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