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'Genius' (Remix)
‘Genius’ (Remix)

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‘Genius’ (Remix) – Lachi and Mezzo

Released officially in September 2020, ‘Genius’ is the spellbinding latest release from the award nominated artist Lachi and the all-female contemporary a cappella group Mezzo.

‘Genius’ is a stunning single that is destined to make waves this autumn. Gorgeous vocals open the release. They are instantly compelling and pave the way for Lachi’s captivating rap performance to take centre stage. We found the varied layers of vocals throughout the track to be instantly enchanting and simply spellbinding. 

Above all, we adore the arrangement of ‘Genius’. The harmonies shine through, and the rise and fall in the composition are mesmerising. Lachi and Mezzo know how to captivate their audience, and then hold their attention effortlessly. ‘Genius’ is a single that is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. 

About the Artists

Lachi says about the release, “There just isn’t enough highbrow urban a cappella out there.” She is entirely right. ‘Genius’ is a brilliant song that is starting to address the problem.

In addition, Lachi is also blind, and she works tirelessly in obtaining rights for people with disabilities. She has also received an Independent Music Award nomination for a cappella arranging. After hearing ‘Genius’, we can see why! Mezzo are based out of New York City. They are a group who are championing NYC and highlighting how eclectic their magnificent city is. 

So make sure you check out ‘Genius’ this weekend. Lachi and Mezzo are all exceptional artists. Skilled and diverse, they are putting their names on the map with this superb single, and we very much hope to hear further collaborations in the future. Until then, check out ‘Genius’ from the link below. 

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