George Khouri and JOSÉPHINE – ‘Will & Jada’ Out Now!

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George Khouri and JOSÉPHINE
George Khouri and JOSÉPHINE

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George Khouri and JOSÉPHINE – ‘Will & Jada’

Duo George Khouri and JOSÉPHINE have released their superb latest single ‘Will & Jada’, in 2020. Released on Royal Court Records, it is a song that is making waves this summer!

A funky bass line opens the release before the enticing beat drops, and the single is in full flow. JOSÉPHINE’s warm and enticing vocals fill the sonic spectrum and fully captivate the listener. We love George Khouri’s rap performance, his lyrics effortlessly flow in his unique and formidable style. 

We adore the mix, production and master of the single. The varied and layered instrumentation have their own space in the mix. Also, the complex arrangement creates texture within the piece. The catchy chorus is destined to have the listener reaching for the repeat button! 

The duo says about the release, “Inspired by Will and Jada Smith’s relationship this song explores all the seasons of love. ‘Will and Jada have shown us that it’s possible to overcome anything in a relationship.’ Sometimes it requires men to drop their pride to allow for possibilities.”

About The Artists

George Khouri has an incredibly strong work ethic. He has over 300 songs written, recorded and produced. He has shared the stage with Immortal Technique and continues to push forward. JOSÉPHINE is influenced by the greats of American Jazz & Soul. Her album ‘Love Trap: The Story’ has amassed over a quarter of a million streams worldwide. Excellent musicians separately, when they come together, magic happens. 

With their fresh LA Sound, George Khouri and JOSÉPHINE are making waves in 2020. We adore this excellent single and hope these two exceptional artists will collaborate again soon! Until then, check out ‘Will & Jada’ from the link below!

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