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GIYA – ‘Almost Real’ EP

The sensational artist GIYA is back with the superb EP release, ‘Almost Real’. It is an intoxicating Folk-pop EP that is making waves this summer.

‘Almost Real’ opens the release to a solo acoustic guitar. We adore GIYA’s soulful vocal performance. She instantly demands the listener’s attention and takes them on a journey.  ‘Children’ is an anthem of a song. The layered instruments are filled with colour and texture. The rich production further enhances the piece with a weighty presence. 

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‘Dead Horses’ has an attention-grabbing vibe instantly. The layered vocals are intoxicating and sumptuous groove thoroughly addictive. Finally, ‘Different Woman’ closes the release to a realistic and delicate feel, leaving the listener wanting more. 

GIYA says about the release, “I always wanted my EP’s to be complete bodies of work, that has a running theme throughout and flow together, rather than just random songs chucked on a list.” She continues, “The EP is a snapshot of my mind as it’s changed, drunken tales and stories thrown in, and also how pivotal moments in those years affected me.”

London Artist

Hailing from London, GIYA is an exhilarating artist. She is an FV Music Blog favourite. Previously we covered her excellent single ‘Blood’ which can be viewed here.

GIYA is an artist who is on the up and one to watch this summer 2020. She is a genuine artist whose lyrics resonate with many people. The ‘Almost Real’ EP is a culmination of tales and stories of her journey evolving adolescence into adulthood. 

We can not recommend GIYA highly enough. She has found her groove and is making music that will stand the test of time. What will come next from this formidable artist? We can’t wait to find out!

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