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GIYA – ‘Blood’

‘Blood’ is the second single to be released by London based artist, GIYA. It is an alternative-pop release which will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Firstly, GIYA’s luscious vocals open the piece. An atmospheric electric guitar accompanies her, together they create interest and intrigue from the get-go. A kick drum enters, and it feels like the heartbeat of the song, stoically keeping time in the background. Furthermore, we found the chorus to be catchy too, and feels like an old friend returning each time it comes back around. 

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In addition, we adore the mix, production and master of the single; everything is balanced, and a harmonious symmetry has been achieved. The single was recorded in Lonesome Dog Studios in south-west London with producer Ali Bla Bla. It was mixed by Danny Trachtenberg, who also mixed Octavian’s mixtape ‘Spaceman’. GIYA also is co-producer on all her tracks. Together, the team have done an excellent job in creating a piece of art that will stand the test of time. 


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GIYA says about the release, “‘Blood’ is inspired by a night out gone wrong. It’s a tale of how excess, addiction and dark places can all get unravelled on a night out in the city, and leave you in a sticky situation in the morning.” Above all, there is a raw honesty in the lyrics which resonates with the listener and is a big part of GIYA’s charm.

To sum up, make sure you add this magnificent release to your weekday playlist. GIYA is an exciting artist with a big future ahead of her. In addition, she is innovating pop music with this intoxicating release, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. Until then, check out ‘Blood’ from the link below. 

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