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Go Robot – ‘The Gallows’

UK rock band Go Robot, have released their magnificent latest single, ‘The Gallows’. It is their second single and an electrifying track that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

An unusual duo opens the song, a piano and synth drums can be heard, soon joined by a synth in the distance. The unaffected, smooth and warm vocals soon enter and add a beautiful tone to the piece. The lyrics and melody flow well together and the growing synth underpinning it all builds relentlessly.

A wonderful guitar begins and the song keeps on evolving. Once the upbeat drums drop, the track finds its natural groove. We found the bass to be melodic and driving with the dancing high hats adding further texture. As it progresses, ‘The Gallows’ get progressively heavier and hard-hitting. The many layers of instrumentation create a great deal of intrigue and interest to the piece. It has been extremely well composed and arranged.

Mason of Go Robot says, “The song is about looking back on a relationship with a sex addict and trying to forgive and understand everything that happened once the pain of the situation has faded. It’s mostly inspired by my first serious relationship, which ended quite horribly due to infidelity and a complete breakdown of trust.” He continues, “It took me a long time to understand how this loving relationship collapsed the way it did, and this song is my way of forgiving and moving on.” We feel this is relatable to many people and it is part of what is appealing about the release. It is a song to make you feel less alone in a time of heartbreak and ultimately moving on.

So make sure you check out this brand new release, it is out today!

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