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Gordon Taggart

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Gordon Taggart – ‘Be The Ones’

London based artist Gordon Taggart has released his excellent solo debut ‘Be The Ones’, in November 2020. It is a brilliant indie-rock release that needs to be heard this winter. 

A big band sound greets the listener, and it is instantly compelling. We adore the warm production that is layered and complex. A gorgeous electric guitar takes the lead, and together the vibrant instrumentation lays the solid foundation for the vocals to shine.

Gordon Taggart’s voice is charming and instantly takes the lead. He has a characterful tone which creates a unique sound and is thoroughly intoxicating. 

We adore the arrangement of the single, there is a remarkable rise and fall in the instrumentation, creating texture and colour within the piece. In addition, we have added ‘Be The Ones’ to our FV Music Blog Spotify playlist. 

Taggart has collaborated with Tony Kubik (Electric Guitar), Jon Clements (Bass) and Brad Brunsdon (Drums) on this release. Taggart has worked with these superb musicians over the years, and you can hear this on the single. Their sound is tight and punchy. 

William Robertson – Pete Maher

In addition, Taggart has recorded and produced ‘Be The Ones’ himself. The single has been mixed by William Robertson (Mick Jagger/Frank Turner)​ and finally mastered by ​Pete Maher (Rolling Stones/U2). Together, the team have created a single which is attention-grabbing. We are sure that ‘Be The Ones’ is a classic song in the making.

So make sure you add ‘Be The Ones’ to your weekday playlist. Gordon Taggart is an exciting artist, and we are big fans. We eagerly anticipate what he will do in the 2020s and know he is an artist who is set for big things.

‘Be The Ones’ is available from the link below, enjoy!

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