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‘Hush’ is a composition masterpiece from the exciting new artist, Gorran. Its infectious melody and laid back vibe will make you a Gorran fan from the very first listen!

The song opens to a rhythmic synth followed by Gorran’s smooth and inviting voice. He has the type of vocals that can sing anything and we’d be addicted all day. The synths are full-bodied and the kick is rich with bass. The snare on the chorus feels industrial from its excellent production.

It’s the choruses that are the shining star of the piece. There is a wonderful juxtaposition of the stripped back verses to the big and impactful choruses with a gorgeous rising melody. The verses are cleverly used to grab the listeners’ attention and hold it for the catchy and welcoming chorus. ‘Hush’ is a masterclass in composition and we implore songwriters to take note from Gorran.

‘Hush’ is the immense follow-up single to Gorran’s debut, ‘Easy For You’. The song is fundermentally about a failing relationship. This subject matter will resonate with many people and it is part of what makes ‘Hush’ so appealing.

Coming from a musical background, (his father is a classical composer and Head of Composition and Contemporary Music at the Royal College of Music, and his mother is an editor at Gramophone magazine), it is no wonder Gorran is walking the musical path. Having studied at the BRIT school, Gorran continues to grow as an artist and with ‘Hush’ we believe he is finding his own sound. He recently opened for KT Tunstall on her UK tour, including a performance at the London Roundhouse to a crowd of 2500 people.

Officially released on 19th July 2019, ‘Hush’ is a song that must be heard. This is surely just the beginning for such a formidable artist. We can not wait to see what will come next from this talented songsmith.

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