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Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls – ’10 %’

Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls released their latest single ’10 %’ on 30th October 2019. It is an atmospheric song that resonates deep and stays with the listener long after the music has ended.

A solo guitar opens the piece. Sparse and effecting it instantly grabs the attention of its listeners. Emotional vocals appear, and the song finds its groove. We love the strings that have been arranged beautifully. Also, we adored the simple percussion that weaves its way in and out of the single. The middle eight features hard-hitting lyrics such as, “I wish you wouldn’t love me.” They give an aching depth to the piece.

There is also a beautiful video that accompanies the release. It captures the questioning nature of the song and visually displays the emotions portrayed in the music. The audio and the visuals come together to create a beautiful piece of art.

Martin says about the song, “I was waiting tables and trying to get over my ex when I wrote this song. I was questioning every memory of our relationship and furious at how much emotional labour I put into someone who didn’t value me. Being forced to question my value in someone’s eyes invited the language of capitalism into my most intimate self. Although I ask to be tipped fairly for emotional labour in the song, there’s a deep sadness underpinning the desire to put capitalist structures onto something so vulnerable.”

Martin has two new singles on the way in 2019, the affecting and hypnotic ‘Like Falling Asleep’ and this magnificent release ’10 %’. She is an artist tirelessly working on her art and we can not wait to see what she will do next.

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