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Gregory Suarez – ‘Blue Sky Kiss’

Bouncy and joyous, ‘Blue Sky Kiss’ is the latest single from musician, Gregory Suarez. The upbeat nature of the single is destined to win new fans this weekend! 

‘Blue Sky Kiss’ opens to the sound of bouncy drums, a picked guitar melody, and alluring keys. The bass is melodic while the vocals carry the song along. We loved the arrangement and composition of the single. From the bouncy beginning, darker undertones appear in the middle eight. This change in mood keeps the listener on their toes, and you never know what will come next. The tempo is also slow in the middle eight, in comparison to what we have heard before. Two skilful guitar solos take the lead, one after another, to add new dimensions to the piece. It is a beautiful simply a song. 

During the final verse, the lyrics are spoken rather than sung. There is a connection with the listener here, unparalleled to what has come before. The honesty in the lyrics shine through too. The ending hears a return to the upbeat opening, which is familiar to the listener. Bringing the song full-circle is a nice touch and shows how experienced Suarez is in his craft.

There are a lot of elements that have gone into the final product of ‘Blue Sky Kiss.’ It would be easy for the song to feel overcrowded and cluttered, but this is certainly not the case. The production lets the instruments shine in their individual lights while still coming together to work as one cohesive piece of music. 

What a single to start your weekend with! Make sure it is added to your playlist today! 

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