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Gurba – ‘Saw You There’

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Gurba is an anti-pop artist hailing from New York City. His second single, ‘Saw You There’ is an indie release filled with rich harmonies and captivating melodies. 

An enticing upbeat opening greets the listener. We the love swirling melodies and deep, rich opening vocals. His range is mind blowing. Gurba’s melodic vocals on the verse are filled with rich and warm tones. They captivate the listener and holds their attention effortlessly. The driving rhythm section carries the single along and adds their unique colour to the piece too. 

We found the lyrics to be relatable, and this is a big part of Gurba’s charm. He is able to connect with the listener and make them feel less alone. The backing harmonies cement this feeling creating a warm landscape for the single to thrive. 

Gurba says, “I started singing in choirs when I was nine years old. Throughout high school, I sang and wrote in rock bands throughout NYC and Long Island. In college, I was inspired to pursue the solo route upon being accepted to the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase.” He continues, “I produced, mixed, and mastered the single myself, switching between recording at my house and in my college dorm room.”

Gurba – ‘Saw You There’

This 22-year-old musician is an exciting talent. We love his intriguing compositions, but also, we adore his visionary production and execution. His fresh and exciting sound is influenced by 2000s British art-rock, the song blends dreamy electric guitars with lush synthesizers, reminiscent of ‘In Rainbows’ era Radiohead. 

Released officially today (22nd May 2020), ‘Saw You There’ is a must listen to track. We look forward to hearing what Gurba will do next, he is an inspiring talent. 

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