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Hana Piranha – ‘Soliloquy’

Hailing from London, Musician Hana Piranha has released her stunning track ‘Sililoquy’ on March 6th 2020.

An atmospheric beginning opens the release. Hana Piranha’s vocals cast their grace over the sonic landscape, and the song is in full flow. Her breathy and genuine vocal performance is prominent throughout the song, taking the listener on a journey. We also adored the layered vocals in the piece which are set to a backdrop of melodic strings. The beautiful melancholy engulfs the song and captivates the listener. There is also a stunning violin in the piece which adds heart aching texture within the song. It backs up the vocals and adds its unique tonal charm.  

Hana Piranha says about the release, “‘Soliloquy’ is a tale of tragedy – the realisation that to love and be loved in return is the only salvation anyone needs.” We believe this song will resonate with a lot of people and win Hana Piranha an army of new fans. 

Hana Piranha AKA Hana Maria, is the daughter of a Catholic priest and was born during a hurricane. She is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who uses violin solos and string arrangements over co-writer Jim Beck’s heavy guitars to create a unique sound, influenced by Bach, Nine Inch Nails and everything in between. The duo are joined by Daniel Tompkins on bass and Andrew Lane on drums for this beautiful release.

‘Soliloquy’ is taken from the album, ‘Wednesday’s Child’. There is a musical stage production of the album on April 15th at The Brunswick, Brighton. This is certainly a date for the diary and if you are in the area, make sure you get yourself down!

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