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e8ae521fda2ad5ba7ce26e30716e04db-Wasted+Days.v1+%281%29.jpgHarbor Blue is the musical alias of 23-year-old Graham Nickelson. Located in Los Angeles, his latest EP, ‘Wasted Days’ is an emotional collection of songs. They are inspired by his road to recovery and getting sober. 

‘Without You’ is the first song we hear. The shoegaze genre is apparent from the beginning. We hear an electric guitar which is laden with gorgeous reverb and delay. When the band and vocals kick in, the track is elevated further. It is a slow and melodic song which talks of dealing with loss.

‘Oh No, Don’t Go’  features a picked electric guitar which is extremely atmospheric. It is a dark song about leaving and we found it deeply resonating. The vocal performance is haunting and left the hairs on the back of my neck on end. 

I adored ‘I’ve Tried’, there are sparse drums and guitars which still manage to create a rich band sound. The harmonies are simply stunning. Next, the title track, ‘Wasted Days’ features a gorgeous chordal pattern and takes the listener on a journey.

‘Fade Away’  begins with a top ended guitar and the drums are the heartbeat of the track. Finally, ‘Never Here To Stay’ is a song built around the drums and is a magical way to finish a superb piece of art.

Harbor Blue describes the songs on this EP as, “Raw, authentic, and poignant”. We could not agree more. There is so much raw emotion to the songs on ‘Wasted Days’ that the music cuts deep and we feel this will resonate with a lot of people. Lyrically, all of the songs are truly beautiful and Nickelson’s voice is magically haunting. 

So make sure to check out ‘Wasted Days’ today, it is an EP full of heart!

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