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Hazey Jane – ‘Sidetrack’

We are so delighted to have discovered Indie-Folk quartet, Hazey Jane. They released their divine latest single, ‘Sidetrack’ on 31st January 2020. 

A joyous and energetic song is present from the get-go. Sunshine beams from the opening notes with the dynamic drums, melodic bass and driving guitars. The vocals are textured and add a new dimension to the single which further adds to its appeal. 

We loved the chorus that is catchy and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button. We also were blown away by the excellent production to ‘Sidetrack’. There is a rich, and warm vibe which emanates through each of the instruments and makes the single shine.

Hazey Jane says, “‘Sidetrack’ explores the joy and frustration of maintaining modern relationships. Loving someone is tough, whatever the circumstances.” They continue, “This song reminds us to draw strength from our closest connections and persevere with those that enable us to grow.”

Comprised of band members, Roberto Bertoli, Laurent Judson, Paul Jordan, and Connor Smith, Hazey Jane are all excellent musicians. They each shine in their respective lights in this single yet still come together and sparkle as a whole. 

Hazey Jane’s second EP ‘Lifeboat’ was released 2018. Since, it has received taste-maker support from BBC Introducing London, Record of the Day and Sofar Sounds. Following ‘Lifeboat’s success, the band have performed at numerous UK Festivals including; The Great Escape, Greenbelt and Cambridge Folk Festival. The latest single, ‘Sidetrack’, is exciting and fresh and we can not wait to see what they will do next. 

With a back catalogue of EP’s behind them, Hazey Jane are a special band. Make sure you check out ‘Sidetrack’ this weekend, you will not be disappointed!

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