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HeadFury – ‘A New World’ EP

Hailing from Johannesburg in South Africa, the magnificent trio HeadFury have released their brilliant EP ‘A New World’ in November 2020. It is a hard-rock release that strikes at the core of its listeners.

‘Paleface’ opens the release to an atmospheric beginning. We adore the layered guitars, stoic drums and characterful vocals which engulf the track. It is instantly attention-grabbing, and we found ourselves fully emersed. 

We adore ‘Icarus’. It is a layered and textured track that evolves before the listener. The rise and fall in the instrumentation create a tremendous depth to the piece that is profoundly affecting. 

‘Monterrey’ is a melodic and compelling song that is filled with colour. The heavier instrumentation pulls in and out of the single, a brilliant arrangement. Finally, ‘Pantomime’ closes the release and leaves the audience wanting more!

HeadFury says about the EP, “We’re super excited and proud to share our debut creation ‘A NEW WORLD’, a 6 -track mini-album and the culmination of months of inspired songwriting, collaborating and recording.” They continue, “The album is a compelling mix between heavier, hard-hitting rock and metalcore, and more melodic, emotive ballads and hooks.” 

The EP has been brilliantly recorded, mixed, and produced collaboratively at B-Sharp Studios and The Laundry Room in SA, and HopePunk Studios in Germany. Finally, it has been superbly mastered at Kelsey Mastering in SA. The overall sound is warm, punchy and crisp. The team have done an excellent job in creating an EP that puts HeadFury on the music map! 

HopePunk Records

Released on HopePunk Records ‘A New World’ is an EP which needs to be heard. HeadFury is comprised of band members Vince van der Walt (Guitar, Bass), Gideon Kretschmer (Vocals, synths), and Wayne de Bruyn (Drums). They are brilliant musicians and ‘A New World’ makes them artists to watch in the 2020s.

We can not wait to hear what HeadFury will do next. We hope there will be a full album release in the future! Until then make sure to add ‘A New World’ to your weekday playlist. 

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