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‘Be Someone’ is the unique and atmospheric song by Hendrix. It features a beautiful vocal performance, and stunning lyrics to captivate and intoxicate the listener.

A warm and inviting track soon establishes itself. The lead male vocals are filled with vibrato creating an ear catching performance. The instrumentation is quite sparse on the track, there are drums, bass and integral yet subtle guitar riffs to be enjoyed but the melodic vocals are at the centerpiece of the song. They are the main feature that shine at the heart of the piece.

The arrangement is quite unusual but works well. This is what makes Hendrix’s music so special. There are so many layers of vocals that add texture and a richness to the track. Harmonies fill the audio landscape and enrich the piece beautifully. There is a wonderful juxtaposition between the male and female vocals that creates a blissful sonic experience.

Lots of skilled musicians have come together on this brilliant piece of art. There are performances from, Justin P Schmuckle – Lead vocals, Georgia Van Cuylenburg – Backing vocals, and Carl Strand – Electric Guitar/backing vocals. The song was written by Ian Hendrix and Veronica Willenbring, engineered by Robert Eibach and produced by Ian Hendrix and Robert Eibach. Together they have created a song that is textured, musically interesting and destined to stand the test of time.

‘Be Someone’ has been taken from Hendrix’s cutting edge concept series. The release also features a breathtaking music video that captures the essence of the song and Hendrix’s talent as a composer and performer. It can be viewed on his website listed below.

So make sure you check out Hendrix today, he will make a fan of you in no time!

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