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Hendrix – ‘Water’

Musician Ian Hendrix has released his latest single ‘Water’, on 3rd December 2019. It is his 5th single release and what a cracker it is!

The vocals hit from the opening of the track, along with a kick drum. It is stoic and reliable and feels like the heartbeat of the single. A synth underpins the song, and layered vocals, bass, guitars and a full drum kit all enter as the track progresses.

We adored the composition and arrangement of the song. It evolves before the listener’s ear and captivates their attention. We love the texture elements and the way the song pulls in and out in instrumentation. From a hard-hitting chorus, there is a stripped-back middle eight which is beautifully juxtaposed in its instrumentation.

Hendrix says about the release, “I’m really excited about this song. It blends various styles I’m interested in as well as the unique vocals of Darla Cozzaralli. She did an amazing job.” We were blown away by the vocal performance on the song. Cozzaralli’s range and tone are simply delicious. They add an extra dimension to ‘Water’s already impressive structure.

Hendrix grew up with the music of the 70s and 80s, and the influence of the unusual instrumentation, sounds and flavours of the band New Order can be heard in Hendrix’s music. He has also lived in various locations across the country and Japan; he finally gravitated to the Los Angeles area for his music. All of these external influences are channelled through ‘Water’.

So make sure you check out this excellent single this weekend. It is a wonderful release, and we can not wait to see what will come next from such a talented artist.

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