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Hermosa Pier – ‘Words To Myself’ EP

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Hermosa Pier is a superb band hailing from the West Midlands. Their latest EP, ‘Words To Myself’ is an indie pop-rock classic in the making.

The opening track, ‘Out of Sight, Still on My Mind’, is a brilliant song. From the funky opening vibe, the listener finds themselves hooked. The vocals are filled with character and emotion while the rhythmic guitars are enticing and textured. The bass and drums create an interesting solid backbone to the track. We loved ‘Passing Tide’, ‘Doing Fine’ and ‘Dreaming Without You’, the whole EP is filled with intriguing melodies and addictive grooves, grabbing the listener’s attention and holding it effortlessly. 

Hermosa Pier is comprised of band members; Holly Coles – Vocals, Kate Leech – Bass, Tom Findlay – Drums, and Dom Hawthorn – Guitar. Holly, Kate, and Dom met at Birmingham University, and they enlisted Tom to play the drums as part of a group for a final university performance – which would be the very first time the band played together. The gig was a success, and after graduating the four musicians went their separate ways. It wasn’t until a year and one Facebook status later that the band reunited to form Hermosa Pier.

Hermosa Pier says, “(We) kicked off our career with the release of the debut single ‘Doing Fine’, an 80’s influenced pop/rock tune with a catchy chorus, groovy guitar solo, and tight rhythmic foundation, at the start of 2019. The track was well received, generating thousands of hits across social media during its first week of release.”

We thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Words To Myself’ this week. Hermosa Pier is an exciting band with a bright future and we can not wait to hear what they will do next. 

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