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Hillary Capps
Hillary Capps

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Hillary Capps – ‘Color Me In’

‘Color Me In’ is the latest moving and relatable single from Ridgewood based artist, Hillary Capps. This indie-pop release is a must-hear song in summer 2020.

A soulful piano opens the release. Capps’s charming vocals enter and effortlessly captures the listener’s attention. The beat kicks in and the song is in full flow. 

We found the chorus to be thoroughly addictive and layered instrumentation offers texture within the piece. The heartfelt lyrics are hard-hitting and affect the audience. Also, we love the mix, master and production of the single; a harmonious balance has been achieved between the many layers of luscious instrumentation. 

Hilary Capps Comments

Capps says about the release, “I wrote this song for some dear friends of mine that were married for 13 years and separated after the woman in the relationship came out as gay. They decided to remain good friends and support each other, and had to figure out what that new dynamic would look like. Their story inspired me to write this song.”

‘Color Me In’ is deeply relatable to many people, and we believe this is a big part of Hillary Capps’s charm. She is able to relate to her audience effortlessly and make us feel less alone together. 

Previously, Capps has performed at prestigious festivals and venues such as SXSW, Rough Trade NY, Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, and Sofar Sounds. She is an experienced musician, and we are sure that ‘Color Me In’ will please existing Hillary Capps fans while winning her an army of new ones too. In addition, we have added this superb single to our FV Music Blog playlist.

So make sure you add ‘Color Me In’ to your weekend playlist. Hillary Capps is an exciting artist, and we look forward to hearing what will come next. 

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