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‘Hot Picks’ – Our Hottest Finds! 22/12/20

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‘Hot Picks’ – Our Hottest Finds! 22/12/20

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It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are put them all in one place for your listing pleasure!


Release: ‘Falling Stone’

Release Date: Out Now!

Reading-based band THIRD LUNG, are closing the year with a bang. ‘Falling Stone’ is an alternative-rock classic that you do not want to miss!

Twitter: @ThirdLungUK


Release: ‘6ixth Sense’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘6ixth Sense’ features a R&B bounce with a hard hitting, and catchy vibe. JOEY CAPO has released another banger! Check it out!

Twitter: @JoeyCapo_


Release: ‘Be Happy’

Release Date: Out Now!

With a brit-pop vibe, ‘Be Happy’ is the magnificent latest single by KID VIOLET. A Song for your weekday playlist!

Twitter: @KidVioletBand


Release: ‘Christmas Is The Season Of Love’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Christmas Is The Season Of Love’ is the perfect festive release by THE ELI LILLIES. Enjoy now!

Twitter: @TheEliLillies


Release: ‘Scratching’

Release Date: Out Now!

FREDDIE YATES is an excellent producer and multi-instrumentalist. ‘Scratching’ is a brilliant single that needs to be heard!


Release: ‘Not Losing Sleep’

Release Date: Out Now!

Singer-songwriter JULIA FAULKS has released the brilliant single ‘Not Losing Sleep’ in December 2020. She is a troubadour with a bright future.


Release: ‘Lucid Hallucinations’

Release Date: Out Now!

Recorded by Barnaby Ray at Momentum Studios in Plymouth, ‘Lucid Hallucinations’ is the superb EP by PYLON POETS. One not to miss!

Twitter: @PylonPoets

Artist: 00.Z

Release: ‘ENERGY’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘ENERGY’ is the brilliant hip-hop release by London-based artist 00.Z. He is an innovative musician and ‘ENERGY’ needs to be heard!

Twitter: @double_0Z

Artist: JARO

Release: ‘Call It’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Call It’ is the excellent indie-pop release by Amsterdam-based artist JARO. JARO is an exciting talent and we look forward to hearing what will come next!

Artist: LAZ

Release: ‘Want From Me’

Release Date: Out Now!

Paris-based artist LAZ has released the excellent hip-hop single, ‘Want From Me’. A song which needs to be heard!


Release: ‘Would You Save Me?’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Jakarta, ALPHA MORTAL FOXTROT have released the superb single ‘Would You Save Me?’, in December 2020. It is indie-rock at its finest!

Twitter: @amofo_


Release: ‘Money’

Release Date: Out Now!

Watford-based band THE TURNER BROTHERS have released the magnificent single ‘Money’. Check it out now!

Artist: KYNS

Release: ‘The End’

Release Date: Out Now!

Los Angeles-based artist KYNS has released the must-hear single ‘The End’. It is an indie-rock single with a big heart.

Twitter: @iamkyns

Artist: BAD LOVE

Release: ‘Cashmere Tears’

Release Date: Out Now!

Manchester-based BAD LOVE has released the excellent single ‘Cashmere Tears’. Written, self-produced and mixed during lockdown, it is a single which needs to be heard!

Twitter: @BadLoveForReal


Release: ‘Give Me Strength’

Release Date: Out Now!

After battling the challenges of 2020, London based artist CHRISTIAN PRIOR has released the magnificent single ‘Give Me Strength’. It is an indie-rock single at its finest.


Release: ‘DREAMER’

Release Date: Out Now!

Brighton-based band THE RAPPORTS have released the excellent indie-pop single ‘DREAMER’. They are a group who are destined for big things in 2021.

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