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It’s NEW RELEASE FRIDAY! and we bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are put them all in one place for your listing pleasure!

Artist: Calista Kazuko

Release: ‘Lady Cherry’

Release Date: 03/10/2019


Facebook: @CalistaKazuko

Twitter: @CalistaKazuko

Instagram: @CalistaKazuko

Artist: Plastic Barricades

Release: ‘One for the Road’

Release Date: 01/10/2019


Instagram: @plasticbarricades

Facebook: @plasticbarricades

Artist: Daria Purley 

Release: ‘Forfeit

Release Date: Out now!

Facebook: @DariaPurley

Twitter: @DariaPurley

Instagram: @Daria.Purley

Artist: Oliver Northam & The Elsewheres

Release: ‘Into His Arms’

Release Date: 4/10/19


Facebook: @olivernorthammusic

Instagram: @olivernorthammusic

Artist: Vandalye

Release: Cigarettes & Minarets

Release Date: Out Now!


Facebook: @Vandalyeband

Instagram: @vandalye

Twitter: @Vandalye

Artist: Nicotine Dolls 

Release: The Madness

Release Date: Out Now!


Facebook: @nicotinedolls

Instagram: @nicotinedolls

Twitter: @nicotine_dolls

Artist: Sleep Council

Release: Serious

Release Date: Out now!

Facebook: @Sleepcouncilmusic

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