Houston Ayre – ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’ Album Release

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Houston Ayre
Houston Ayre

Houston Ayre – ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’

Hailing from Glasgow, musician Houston Ayre has released the brilliant album ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’. It is a great album release that you need to hear this Spring 2022.

‘Foldweg’ opens the release to a spoken word piece. It is instantly attractive, and as the instrumentation grows, we find ourselves hooked! It is an intimate song that gives you a glimpse into Houston’s thoughts.

‘Foregecéosan’ features a welcoming groove and sumptuous synths. We love the melodic electric guitar that injects the sonic spectrum with vivid colour.

In addition, ‘Foreburh’ is a standout song. Excellent guitars lay the solid foundation for Houston’s thought-provoking vocals. His spoken word performance is hauntingly beautiful.

‘The Path’ showcases unexpected chordal progressions, which are brilliant and keeps the listener on their toes. In addition, the lead guitar solos are melodic and truly compelling.

Furthermore, ‘The Door to Fire’ reminds us of Steely Dan with magnificent chordal progressions and an addictive groove. ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’ is an album to listen to with the volume turned up and the lights down low!


Houston says about ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’, “Really excited about this new album – I have experimented with telling a story with the music to draw the listener in, and I’m really happy with the guitar sounds, the production and the overall feel of the music.”

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Houston Ayre cites his influences as coming from a multitude of genres, including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Reggae. It is this melting pot of genres that makes ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’ such a special release. Houston is a musician who is creating innovative and exciting music that sets him apart from the competition.


In a world where singles dominate, we are so pleased that full album releases like ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’ are being made. Houston takes the listener on a journey over the twenty tracks. This escapism simply is not possible with a single release.

So make sure that you add ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’ to your new music playlist this week. We are thrilled to have discovered Houston Ayre, and we are honoured to feature ‘The Chronicles of Eryal Dúr’ on the blog!

Also! We were lucky enough to catch up with Houston for an full in-depth interview, enjoy it here!

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