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Howlite – ‘Stranger’

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Howlite is an electronic pop band who have released their stunning single ‘Stranger’ today, 10th July 2020.

An atmospheric opening greets the listener. Layered vocals fill the sonic spectrum and lay solid foundations for the stunning solo vocals to shine. They are filled with luscious texture and colour, captivating the listener and holding their attention effortlessly. We adore the chorus, which is memorable and filled with an addictive melody. 

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We adore the mix master and production of the single. They let the song shine with the vocals at the forefront of the mix. A harmonious balance is achieved. The backing instrumentation has space in the mix too, and nothing feels crowded.



Alison Thom wrote ‘Stranger’ as a reflection on her relationship with her mother as a teenager. Alison explains “It is a reaction to depression and how it can make relating to the people in our lives much harder.” She continues, “The chorus is the voice of myself now, coming from a place of understanding, ‘There are monsters under your bed. I know, I’ve seen them’. But, there is a very teenage sentiment of petty rebellion and angst at the core of the song, ‘you are strange, I can be stranger’. It is the self-destructiveness of relationships when we take opposition with people instead of trying to understand them.”

‘Stranger’ is the final single to be released from the bands’ forthcoming EP, ‘Not Here’. Howlite says, “The single builds on the ethereal, indie foundations of previous singles’ ‘Infancy’, ‘Reducer’ and ‘Olympia’”. These superb tracks garnered praise around the country and growing interest through Europe. Rolling Stone Australia describes the bands’ sound as “brooding, borderline folk, but inches-from-pop.” We could not agree more!

So make sure you add Howlite to your weekend playlist. They are an exciting band who will make waves with ‘Stranger’ this summer. We very much look forward to hearing what the band will do next! 

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