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Hunter Adams
Hunter Adams

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Hunter Adams – ‘One More Night’

Sydney based artist Hunter Adams has released the excellent single ‘One More Night’, in August 2020. It is a folk-pop single that needs to be heard!

A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the release. Hunter Adams’s hauntingly beautiful vocals begin, and they gracefully guide the song along. The full band sound enters and the song is in full flow. 

We adore the layered instrumentation, which creates texture and colour within the piece. The honest and sentimental lyrics will resonate with Adams’s audience. She is able to connect to her audience and let them feel less alone together. This is a big part of Hunter Adams’s charm. ‘One More Night’ will please existing Hunter Adam fans while winning her an army of new ones too. 

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Hunter Adams says about the release, “I wrote this song from a very honest and innocent place, a while ago. It took ages for it to make it to production, but I’m glad it did.” She continues, “It’s optimistic and maybe even a little bit cheesy, but it’s honestly the last time I can remember feeling like that. I’m just coming back from a 2-year personal struggle, and I’m trying to find my way with music again.”

When asked about the recording of ‘One More Night’, Adams says, “The single was recorded in my home studio. I did all of the vocals and guitars, and my friend Astrid did the bass and drums, as well as the mixing.” Together the duo has done an excellent job in bringing a superb song to life. 

So make sure to check out ‘One More Night’ this weekend. Hunter Adams is a brilliant musician, and we look forward to hearing what will come next. 

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