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HÜS – ‘Animosity’

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Hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Electronic Pop band HÜS have released their superb single ‘Animosity’. It is an addictive listen that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

A funky groove establishes itself from the get-go. We adored the swirling synths and 80’s snare, it is filled with luscious reverb, which sets the tone beautifully. The genre-defining vocals add their unique colour to the piece too. We found that the layered vocals give weight to the single, while the driving and melodic bass fill out the low end. The drums feel like the heartbeat of the song, stoic and unrelenting. Also, the electric guitar solo is skilful and awe-inspiring. Intelligently arranged and beautifully executed ‘Animosity’ is a song which needs to be heard. It is a single to lift spirits and inspire creativity – just what the world needs at the moment! 

HÜS say, “HÜS is a lo-fi, home-recorded side-project borne from the current COVID-19 lockdown. Wanting to use the extra time at home productively, we decided to start recording an upbeat, disco-infused concept EP recorded only with what we have at our disposal at home.” They continue, “This is the first of those tracks. The EP itself deals with the themes of self-isolating, boredom, fear, hoarded toilet rolls and all of those things running through our heads in these weird times. We expect public backlash at the news we recorded drum samples out of the ample bags of pasta we panic-bought at our local Co-op. Hope you enjoy.”

Released officially today, 27th April 2020, ‘Animosity’ is available now. It is an exciting release, and we look forward to hearing what HÜS will do next. 

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