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Hypheria – ‘Eye/See’

Hypheria is a 70’s funk and art-rock group whose latest release, ‘Eye/See’, is a wonderful album that needs to be heard this February 2021. 

‘Be Here Now’ opens the album, and it instantly stands out as an enticing and must-hear song. We adore the vibe of the track; it is laid back and filled with interest and intrigue. 

‘Out Of Reach’ features a Santana style guitar opening which lights up the sonic spectrum. A funk feel emerges, and we adore the layered guitars, which are filled with colour and texture. 

‘Judgement Day’ is enticing from the get-go. The layered instrumentation has been mixed superbly, and every part of the varied instrumentation shines in its own light. ‘IX’ closes the release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Hypheria says about the release, “Five years in the making, the album ‘Eye/See’ examines the relationship between perception, illusion, and reality. The result is a genre-bending tessellation of groove-driven bass mixed with atmospheric soundscapes. ” They continue, “With this new release, the musicians of Hypheria invite listeners to rethink what it means to see.”

Previous Releases

In addition, Hypheria has previously released two EPs that can be found on Spotify. After hearing ‘Eye/See’, we can not wait to check out the band’s previous releases!

So make sure you add ‘Eye/See’ to your weekday playlist. Hypheria is a band that effortlessly cross genres and are making innovative music that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. We hope further album releases are in the pipeline in the future!

We very much look forward to hearing what Hypheria will do next in the 2020s! Until then, ‘Eye/See’ is available to stream from the link below. Check it out today!

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