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Ian Mellencamp - 'Romance in D' FV Music Blog
Ian Mellencamp – ‘Romance in D’

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Ian Mellencamp – ‘Romance in D’

‘Romance in D’ is the spellbinding latest album by Ian Mellencamp. Filled with complex guitar compositions, it is a must-hear album for any music lover.

Firstly, ‘Romance Ending’ hears vocals on both sides of the sonic spectrum. A frantic yet controlled guitar emerges, and the song is textured and intriguing. ‘Force Fit’ features gorgeous guitar picking. ‘The Altitude’ has a darker feel, and the layered guitars add depth and colour to the piece. We also adored ‘Hit and Run’, it has an electric guitar and luscious vocals dancing around one another beautifully.

Warm and gritty, ‘Romance in D’ was an instant hit with us. The musicianship and composition are utterly brilliant, and we were hooked from the first note until the last. Cleverly, all of the songs revolve around the key of D. This links the songs, but they stand strong on their own too. The stripped-back instrumentation allows the quality of the songs to shine. We also loved Mellencamp’s vocal performance. His vocals are colourful and intriguing, filled with emotion.

Lead singles from the release include, ‘Romance Ending’ and ‘Full Steam Ahead’. Both brilliant songs in their own right, subsequently, they are destined to win Mellencamp new fans.

Ian Mellencamp’s other projects

Based in New York, Mellencamp is a talented musician. Above all, he is outspoken in his support for mental health, conservationism, sustainable fashion, and environmentalism, and Mellencamp is also active within the Farm Aid community. As a result, he has spoken on multiple panels alongside Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, and others to raise awareness and funding for farmers across the country. To clarify, Ian Mellencamp is more than just an artist.

One thing is for sure: Ian Mellencamp is an exciting artist. As a result, we are thrilled to have discovered this divine release. We will be waiting in anticipation to see what he does next!

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