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In The Shallows
In The Shallows

In The Shallows – ‘Let It Go’ Single Available

‘Let It Go’ is the superb indie-pop release from New Zealand based duo, In The Shallows.

A wonderful reggae vibe opens the single. Then, as the luscious horns ring out, the scene is set for the vocals to kick in.

Danni Parson’s lead vocals ring out and instantly demand the listener’s attention. Her voice is smooth and rich, filled with charismatic charm.

We adore the chorus as the gorgeous harmonies ring out. The wonderful horns play, and all of the instrumentation works in harmony together beautifully.

Guitars at zZounds

The instrumentation breaks are filled with memorable hooks that stay with the listener after the music has ended. In addition, the guitar riffs are subtle yet add texture and extra layers of intrigue to the piece.

Lyrically, ‘Let It Go’ is relatable. It is a song that reaches out and touches the listener. Simply Sublime.


In The Shallows, say about the release, “‘Let It Go’ is a sweet kiwi summer song with a deep message that invokes a timely reflection upon unity and an acceptance of uncertainty.”

They continue, “It encourages us to let go of expectations and attachments to how we think our lives ‘should’ look and realise we never really had ‘control’ anyway. Certainty is an illusion.”

Band Members

In The Shallows are comprised of band members Danni Parson and Lance Shepherd. Separately, they are two gifted musicians, but when they come together, magic happens. Their voices suit one another perfectly, resulting in a harmonious union of divine harmonies.

Debut Album

The band’s debut album was produced by Steve Rokosh (Calgary, Canada and Nashville, USA) and saw them perform at 22 festivals and venues throughout NZ in summer 2020/21. After hearing ‘Let It Go’, we will be checking out their back catalogue too!

So make sure you add ‘Let It Go’ to your playlist this week. In The Shallows is an exciting indie duo destined to do big things in 2022.

‘Let It Go’ is available to stream from the link below. Enjoy!

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