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Innerkid – ‘I Lied’

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Austin based artist Innerkid (AKA Dawson Carroll), has released his magnificent latest single, ‘I Lied’. This synth-pop single is the tonic we need at the moment, and Innerkid does not disappoint!

A staccato electric guitar opens the release. Innerkid’s characterful vocals quickly follow this. Layered and filled with texture, they effortlessly guide the piece along. The dreamy vocals on the chorus lead into an upbeat and soaring instrumental to link to the second verse. The driving beat stoically keeps time offering a solid backbone for the rest of the instrumentation to grow from. Synth solos offer a change in texture to the piece which lead to the acoustic ending. This is a welcomed surprise and keeps the listener on their toes. 

Innerkid says about the release, “The song is about breaking down personal boundaries and realizing that it’s okay to admit to who you are. With a groove that scrapes the concrete and synths that touch the sky.”

Innerkid’s name came from his desire to pursue self-realization artistically. He says he spends hours in his home studio writing/recording and then sends his songs off to his friend and mix/mastering engineer David Kim (Selena Gomez, Beyonce) in LA. This will be the first of many releases for Innerkid as he continues to release singles for the next several months. Based on the strength of ‘I Lied’, we can not wait to see what Innerkid will release next.  

Make sure you add ‘I Lied’ to your weekday playlist. Innerkid is a special and innovative artist who is destined for big things this year. We look forward to hearing his future work. 

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