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Instruments That Are Easy To Learn
Instruments That Are Easy To Learn

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Instruments That Are Easy To Learn

Instruments That Are Easy To Learn: Learning a musical instrument can be great for memory, health and improved co-ordination.

Beginning with an easy instrument to learn can be a gateway into more complicated musical instruments. For example, the Ukulele can be easier to master before moving onto the guitar, especially for children.

Getting the correct technique, learning how to make the notes ring clearly, and gaining confidence on one instrument, will stand you in good stead for mastering a number of other musical instruments.

Is learning to play the paino more your thing?

Types of Musical Instruments

There are five main types of instruments; string, percussion, woodwind, brass and keyboard. Each has their unique draws, but if you’re looking for an easy to learn instrument, we recommend either a member of the string or percussion family. 

Small Instruments That Are Easy To Learn


Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Ukulele
Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Ukulele

Get the Lowest Price Luna Honu Soprano Ukulele (with Gig Bag) here!

Ukulele is the perfect instrument for beginners to learn. Firstly, you can get a gratifying sound straight out of the box (well, once it has been tuned!).

Part of the lute family, the Ukulele features nylon strings which are kinder to fingers than metal ones found on a guitar.

In addition, the compact size gives it the edge over a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar too. The Ukulele is a hugely popular instrument currently, and we can see why. Its cool instrument attraction makes it a winner in our eyes!

The player can form chords by using one or two fingers. Also, the instrument comes with the added bonus that the player can sing along with this stringed instrument too.

Also, for children, Ukulele’s come in enticing and exciting colours that will instantly attract a child and make practising the instrument a treat!

How Many Strings Does A Ukulele Have?

A Ukulele has four strings, and this is a big part of its charm and appeal. They come in four sizes, Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. The primary material of strings is Gut, Nylon and Fluorocarbon too. Also, the standard tunings for a Ukulele in ascending are GCEA.

Finding Ukulele Songs to Learn is Super Easy

There are a wealth of resources to find Ukulele songs. From Youtube tutorials to tab websites, a quick google search will give you a big choice to choose from. We especially like ukutabs.

Easiest Instrument To Learn For a Child


Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Glockenspiel
Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Glockenspiel

Get the Lowest Price On-Stage BSK2500 Bell Kit with Stand here!

Great for students, the On-Stage BSK2500 comes with 32-note bells, a stand, case, mallets, and a free 8″ practice pad and 5B wood-tip drum sticks!

The On-Stage BSK2500 Bell Kit with Stand is perfect for both practicing professionals and aspiring students.

This kit features 32, 2.5 octave bells on a sturdy and portable stand, and comes complete with double-sided mallets — one standard for live performance or recording and one attenuated for lower-volume practice.

In addition, the included 8″ practice drum pad and 5B wood tip drum sticks replicate the real drum feel and bounce but is quiet enough to be used almost anywhere. The carrying case holds all components and can be used with backpack straps, side or top handles, or hand-cart style, making transportation a snap.


Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Cajon
To Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Cajon

Get the Lowest Price Luna Cajon (with Gig Bag) here!

The Cajon is an awesome instrument. It is top on our list of the easiest instruments to learn for a Child. It is a percussive instrument which makes it fun and enticing.

The player plays by slapping the front or rear faces with hands or fingers, and sometimes even brushes or sticks.

The Cajon is a great alternative/gateway to drums. It is a quieter instrument that takes up less space but still lets the learner practise rhythms and play with other people.

You can hear a Cajon in contemporary music and is a thoroughly enjoyable instrument to learn for beginners.

Learning An Instrument In Your 20’s


Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Glockenspiel Harp
Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Glockenspiel Harp

Get the Lowest Price Hohner 532 Blues Harp Harmonica here!

A master of gritty, dirty tone and pitch bending thanks to its enhanced reed system, the Hohner 532 wails away with true blues style.

Highly bendable with a dirty, dark hard rockin’ sound, the Hohner 532 blues harp harmonica features an enhanced reed system so you can get a great blues sound with minimum effort.

Engineered for consistent volume and tone, this blues harp can hang with the toughest players on their most serious gigs. The Hohner blues harp harmonica is the leading harp on the market designed for blues music.


Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Mandolin
Instruments That Are Easy To Learn Mandolin

Get the Lowest Price Boss Ibanez M522S F-Style Mandolin here!

If you have a folk inclination, we thoroughly recommend trying the mandolin. Learning an instrument in your 20s is fun and rewarding.

The mandolin is an instrument which is easy to learn for adults. It is a wonderful stringed instrument that has a beautiful tone and is a winner in our eyes.

The mandolin is part of the lute family and is usually played with a plectrum. Tuned in a succession of perfect fifths, it has the same tuning as a violin. 

Wind Instruments That Are Easy To Learn

Wind Instruments That Are Easy To Learn
Wind Instruments That Are Easy To Learn

Get the Lowest Price Roland AE-01 Aerophone Mini Digital Wind Instrument here!

With onboard sounds, a headphone jack, and an intuitive fingering layout, the Roland AE-01 Aerophone Mini wind instrument is great for learning and practice.

If you’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument, Aerophone mini is the fastest way to realize your dream. This fun modern wind instrument is super-easy to learn, so you’ll be playing along with your favorite songs in no time.

The fingering is simple to understand, and there are no complicated chords to learn like piano, guitar, or ukulele. Six great onboard sounds let you explore a variety of music styles, while the compact design travels anywhere you go.

With Aerophone mini’s Bluetooth connectivity and free companion app, you can jumpstart your music experience and progress even faster.

The app includes over 50 additional sounds, plus a variety of easy-to-follow lessons to get you started. It’s also possible to stream songs from your mobile device and jam along! And by plugging in headphones, you can get lost in your new musical world without disturbing anyone.

The Aerophone mini Plus app lets you hit the ground running with 11 practice songs and easy-to-follow lessons.

The app visually displays fingerings for each note, so there’s no need to fuss with complicated music notation. And with adjustable tempo, you’re able to start out slow and build up speed as you feel more confident. You can also stream songs from your music library with the app, and it’s even possible to turn down the vocal for karaoke-style playing and singing.

With Aerophone mini, it’s easy to enjoy playing music without bothering housemates and neighbors. Just plug in headphones to mute the built-in speaker, and then play freely to hone your skills without worrying about noise.

Music streamed from the app plays through the headphones as well, giving you an immersive play-along experience.

Odd Instruments That Are Easy To Learn


Odd Instruments That Are Easy To Learn
Odd Instruments That Are Easy To Learn

Get the Lowest Price Hohner Performer 37 Melodica (with Case) here!

The Melodica is a pretty unique instrument to learn. It is a free-reed instrument that is similar to the pump organ or the much-loved Harmonica.

The design features a keyboard and is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that subtly fits into a hole in the side of the intriguing instrument.

The Melodica is small in size and easily transportable while still creating an exciting experience for the player and audience.

It was invented by Hohner in the 1950s and has been made popular by composers such as Stevie Reich, Hermeto Pascoal and Augustus Pablo. To sum up, it is one cool musical instrument.

That concludes our guide to the ‘Ultimate Guide to Instruments That Are Easy To Learn’. We hope you have found it interesting and it has kick started you on your musical journey.

Unique Instrument To Learn


Unique Instrument To Learn
Unique Instrument To Learn

Get the Lowest Price Boss Latin Percussion 601 City Series Bongos here!

With Siam oak shells and sturdy rawhide heads, these Latin Percussion City Series bongos have a gorgeous look and sound that add flavor to your music.

Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the LP City Series Bongos. LP City Series Bongos include 6″ and 7″ diameter rawhide heads. City Series Bongos are appointed with black powder-coated hardware.

Best Instrument To Learn At 50

Band Instruments

Best Instrument To Learn At 50
Best Instrument To Learn At 50

Get the Lowest Price Fender Player Precision Electric Bass, Maple Fingerboard here!

The bass guitar can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it, making it the perfect choice for the best instrument to learn at 50.

There is instant gratification to be found from playing root notes to a song. And just as much to execute a compelling solo where the bass becomes the lead instrument.

There is also versatility in the genres of music that a bass guitar can feature on. From Country to Jazz, everything needs a bass guitar’s vibrant and enticing low tones.

Is Bass The Easiest instrument to learn?

We think so! The bass guitar is the lowest-pitched member of the guitar family. Available in electric or acoustic versions, it features a long neck and scale length.

The electric version must be connected to an amplifier to make any meaningful sound. Typically the bass guitar features four strings, and because of this, it makes it a perfect instrument for beginners.

String Instruments That Are Easy To Learn

Is The Guitar An Easy Instrument To Learn?

String Instruments That Are Easy To Learn
String Instruments That Are Easy To Learn

Get the Lowest Price Boss Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s Electric Guitar here!

Whether it’s Electric or Acoustic, it feels daunting but with minimal practise, you can get a tune out a guitar quite easily. From there, you’ll be hooked!

Daily practice will see your skills progress rapidly, and it is an instrument that will stay with you for life.

With modern weight relief, a slim taper neck, and 490 humbuckers, the Gibson Les Paul Tribute electric has authoritative tone and an easy playing feel.

The Gibson Les Paul Studio Tribute captures the vibe, feel and tonality of a traditional Les Paul. A slim taper maple neck profile and ultra-modern weight relief make the Gibson Les Paul Studio Tribute a pleasure to play.

A pair of 490 humbucking pickups with Alnico II magnets provide classic 50’s era tone, power and sustain.

Hardest Instrument To Learn


Hardest Instrument To Learn
Hardest Instrument To Learn

Get the Lowest Price Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano here!

We believe that the piano is a difficult instrument to master. Coordinating both hands to work independently of each other, and at speed is tough but doable.

It is a gratifying and exciting instrument that we recommend if you fancy a bit more of a challenge. The piano is a versatile instrument that can be used over so many genres.

Above all, from Classical to Hip-hop, no matter what your preferred genre is, the piano will stand you in good stead.

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