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Interview: 03/12/19 – AUTOM8theSKY

We caught up with Jody laboz of AUTOM8theSKY following the release of his superb latest album, ‘Real to Me’. Find the interview and link to the Spotify link below!

What is your songwriting process?

It varies. It could be immediately after an emotional situation whereby words literally pour out. Once things settle down, I will sit with my guitar and give the words a spin, tweaking and massaging the lyrics over and over until I’m comfortable. Prior to writing, I typically have several chord progressions ready to go. Melodies and riffs usually come later. Other times, one or two lines will pop into my head and hook me, ruminating in my mind throughout the day. I will use those lines as the root of a song and go from there. 

I oftentimes keep a pad beside my bed. There is a time right before you go to sleep or right when you are about to wake up whereby you get some great ideas on a subconscious level. I will write the split second I wake up when those thoughts are still fresh. Other times I will sit down with a subject matter in mind and write while playing the guitar, that is, writing the music and lyrics in tandem from scratch. 

Tell us about your latest release?

The “Real to me” project started in 2015. As each song got written, they were recorded one at a time with Arty Shwecky who is the producer of the album. Among the album’s themes include the diversity in perspectives within every person in this world. All these unique perspectives are mixed and meshed together among us all. They shape our actions which manifest into interesting results. The album is predominantly guitar-driven with intermittent electronics. In this fast past world, we live in; the album is meant to move along. 

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

One message is; our outlooks often determine our happiness in this world. 

Another is; I’m not ready for guitar-oriented music being wiped off the face of this planet. 

There are, of course, many more messages in the lyrics. 

Who are your musical influences?

I have many. I often describe this album as a modern interpretation of Newave/punk with a sprinkle of today’s electronics. 

Who are your non-musical influences?

When you sit in a passenger seat of a car while someone else’s driving, there’s usually an etiquette in being subject to their music, you might like it, or you might wait it out until you reach your destination. If you can’t wait anymore, and you have to blurt out, please, I can’t take this sh*t anymore!! – Then whatever that music is? Is my non-musical influence. Lol. 

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today?

Making a financial living out of it. If you can accomplish that, then you are lucky. To me, it’s not about money. It’s about getting my music out there. If I get to convey what I want and someone can derive enjoyment or some pleasure out of it, then I’m happy. 

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out?

Do what you want and create as you wish. We are living in a time where more and more people can express themselves using multiple musical platforms. 

What are your hopes for the next two years?

To keep writing. Moreover, to keep writing something I feel is better than the last. Make sure you check out the new album from the link below. We feel privileged to have gained such special insight into this talented artist.

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