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Interview – Lauren Howard 13/12/19

We caught up with musician Lauren Howard following her latest ‘Angel’ that came out on 22nd November 2019!

Hi Lauren Howard, tell us about yourself?

Hi! My name is Lauren Howard, and I am a 19 year-old college student in Chicago, studying Musical Theatre. I grew up in Harrison Township, Michigan, and am the youngest of three. My family is incredibly close, and I am very thankful for all of their endless love and support. I’ve been writing music for as long as I can remember and have always wanted to do my own music, so being able to release music this year has been a true blessing. I also love to listen to all different styles of music, dance, spend time with my friends and family, cook, and read!

What is your songwriting process?

My favorite way to write is to talk through experiences and situations with someone, write it all down, and then see what sticks out the most! I also tend to think of little lines here and there so I jot them all down and then put the puzzle together later on. Songwriting is really a way for me to process my thoughts and experiences, so it is really therapeutic for me!

Tell us about your latest single?

‘Angel’ came out November 22, and it was a tribute to my Papa. He was a huge part of my life, and his loss was really tough for my family. This was my way of coping through the pain and telling my Papa everything he means to me. “Angel” means the world to me, and I am so thankful to have shared this with the world, and, in hopes, to help anyone who has ever lost someone they love.

What is your funniest gig moment?

One time, all of the artists performing at this showcase used USBs for the back-tracks, and my USB had more than one song on it. So when I went up to perform my first original song, “Real”, I got all ready to tell the story, and “Everybody Say Yeah” from Kinky Boots started to play. And before I knew it, I started doing this little dance to it and pretended that was supposed to happen before they realized it wasn’t the right track. It’s one of my favorite moments, because sometimes I get nervous before I start performing, but that time I just let myself be and I wasn’t afraid to be myself!

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

I hope that my music can be a way for people to know that they are not alone and a way for people to connect with one another. We are all human and one thing we have in common is human experience, so I want to share mine through music to help others cope with whatever they have been through. Music really does heal, and that is what I want my music to do for others.

Who are your musical influences?

I’ve been on a huge Ariana Grande kick for the past year and have just fell in love with her all over again. The way she has taken what she has been through and turned it into a beautiful work of art is truly inspiring and is what I want to do with my music too. Sara Bareilles has been a huge influence for me as well and really got me into pop music and having the courage to write my own music. I also love Adele, Emily King, Lizzo, and Hozier and am constantly moved by their work.

Who are your non-musical influences?

Because of the musical theatre side of me, I look up to many actors, such as Anne Hathaway, Anna Kendrick, Cameron Diaz, and Kristen Bell. I love how strong those women are and how they are always a true, authentic version of themselves in their work. But, my biggest non-musical influence is my mom. She is a remarkable human being and has taught me so much about life, love, compassion, and independence. I would not be the woman I am today without her, and she inspires me to be better every single day.

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today?

I think the biggest obstacle for artists today is feeling like your art is being heard and having the patience and drive to create for yourself, no matter what happens or who listens. Exposure can be hard at the beginning and gaining a following can seem to be impossible when you’re trying to build it on your own. But getting over the fear of failure and trusting the process is super important for artists, so that they only have to focus on their music and the way it makes them feel.

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out?

Have faith in yourself and never give up on what you believe in! Even if it seems like nothing is happening, keep on going and do it for the pure joy it brings you. When you stay true to yourself and your style, you will be 10x more proud and thankful for the art you get to create.

Finally, what are your hopes for next 2 years?

I hope to continue doing what I love and make more music! I have learned not to be as hard on myself when it comes to when i want things to happen and to take life day by day. Everyone is on their own path and things will happen when they are suppose to happen. I want to continue working on myself, share my experiences, and work to better my craft!

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