Irene Conti – ‘The World In Front Of Me’

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Irene Conti – ‘The World In Front Of Me’

Irene Conti is releasing her latest EP, ‘The World In Front Of Me’. It is a delicate collection of songs that are destined to win Conti many new fans.

The opening track, ‘Full Of Life’ features guitars, strings, and Conti’s rich vocals. Harmonies add colour to the piece, and Conti’s voice reminds us of Katie Melua in places. The title track, ‘The World in Front Of Me’ has Conti’s vocals shining at the forefront of the mix, dancing with the guitar parts. An electric guitar and a beautiful cello also stand out in the instrumentation.

‘More Than You Can Dream’ and ‘Hey Man’ hear gorgeous lyrics, superb arrangements, and textured performances. Conti is clearly a master of her craft, and the quality of the music on the EP shines through. She wanted the artwork to represent the melancholy, hope, and disillusionment of her imagination during this EP. The artwork covers this; it is why we see a black and white, blurred image of Conti.

Conti says of the EP release, “It’s about me, who I am and what I see around me.” She continues, “It’s about believing in new worlds that exist inside our minds, worrying too much about everything, people being acting like sharks and so much more.”

‘The World In Front Of Me’ has been superbly produced by BBC Folk Award Winner Ben Walker. Together Conti and Walker have created a delicate and soulful piece of work. The stripped-back arrangements let the tracks shine in the light of how they were composed, and the listener can enjoy their essence.

Officially released on 30th October, ‘The World In Front Of Me’ is out now. So make sure you check out this beautiful release, it’s one to help you relax!

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