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Irvine – ‘Guiding Pulses’

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Irvine are back with their superb latest EP, ‘Guiding Pulses’. Haunting vocals, driving backing, and Moody guitars fill the audio landscape creating a captivating and thoroughly engaging piece of art.

‘Waiting for Magic’ is the song to open the EP. It sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come over the five tracks. The song begins like a sunrise, building in intensity as time marches on. We adored the layered guitar parts and feeling inclusive in the evolution of the song.

‘Breathing’ has atmospheric vocals and synths. The guitar riffs are infectious, and the harmonies are simply stunning. ‘Scraps for the Underdogs’ has a driving bass and a catchy melody while ‘Reflections’ features percussive claps underpinning the vocals. The final song, ‘St. Peter’s’ has a gorgeously played piano, and the rock feeling re-emerges. A beautiful ending to a stunning EP.

Irvine were formed in 2006 by brothers Bob and Chris Thorpe. They moved to Cape Town in 2009. There, they joined forces with bassist Doug Gass, and the rest is history. Irvine has a tights sound, and each of the parts feeds off of one another.

Mixing, production and mastering on the EP are courtesy of both Chris and Bob. Executed well, all of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix. The many layers never feel crowded or blurry. The boys have put their hearts and souls into this EP, and the end product is a testament to their endless talents. They say, “Such a personal touch means that the production and recording intricacies are part of (the EP’s) musical story, offering surprises and rewards to the attentive listener.” Each time we hear ‘Guiding Pulses’, we discover something new!

So make sure you check out this stunning release today. ‘Guiding Pulses’ is here to brighten up your Monday!

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