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J.T. Pinkham
J.T. Pinkham

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J.T. Pinkham – ‘Face It’

Hailing from Texas, musician J.T. Pinkham has released the brilliant single ‘Face It’ in 2020. It is a relatable song that needs to be heard!

A full band sound greets the listener. We adore the driving guitars from the get-go. J.T. Pinkham’s charismatic vocals enter, and the piece is in full flow. We love the intriguing melodies which fill the piece, they create interest and intrigue. 

The vocals and guitar riffs take the main melodies and effortlessly dance along with one another. Also, the bass is melodic and together with the drums create the stoic foundation for the vocals to shine. 

We really enjoyed the mix, master and production of ‘Face It’, each part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines in its own light. In addition, the chorus is catchy and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button.


J.T. Pinkham says about the release, “This song is about living with the pedal to the metal so to speak.” He continues, “It recalls times of loss and dysfunction due to a fast-lane lifestyle. But even in the face of that dysfunction, you know that you just have to live. Living to die before we get old.”

In addition, we were lucky enough to catch up with J.T. Pinkham for a full interview where we discuss his songwriting process, influences and plans for the future. Check it out here.

J.T. Pinkham is an exciting and driving artist who is continually pushing forward. We thoroughly recommend adding ‘Face It’ to your weekend playlist. We eagerly await hearing what this brilliant artist will do next. Until then, ‘Face It’ is available from the link below. 

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