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‘Stars’ is the incredible new single by Leeds based artist, Jaayns. It is a track that begins with an atmospheric feel and quickly escalates into an amazing, shimmering dance tune.

We adored the interesting instrumentation that features on ‘Stars’. There are a lot of synths guiding the song along and they all have different melodies and rhythms. They never get in one another’s way and always compliment each other thoroughly.

Jaayns voice is simply sumptuous. Her vocals shine at the top of the mix with clarity and conviction. They are double-tracked in places and that adds character and depth to the piece.

Apart from the amazing music which appears on the single, ‘Stars’ has beautiful poetical lyrics to accompany the release too. Lyrics such as, “No honor in hurting” stuck with us long after the song had ended.

Jaayns is an artist who is positively using her platform. She says, “Stars is about being open about who you are and what we want in life, sometimes that can be hard to show especially if you think you might be judged or criticized but there is nothing wrong with being you, so embrace it.” What an amazing message to be putting out to the world?

We have been completely blown away by our introduction to Jaayns. She is an incredible talent and her style is innovating the current music culture. She is an artist to look out for in the future. We can not wait for her EP, ‘Push Bar to Open’ to drop later this year. Until then, make sure you check out her 2017 debut EP, Bright ‘White Yellow’.

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