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Jack Hinks

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Jack Hinks – ‘Jigsaw’

Hailing from Edinburgh, singer-songwriter Jack Hinks has released the spellbinding single ‘Jigsaw’ in November 2020. It is a beautiful release that we thoroughly recommend listening to.

A gorgeous electric guitar opens the single. The characterful vocals and full band enter and the track is in full flow. We adore the layered and harmonious vocals which effortlessly guide the song along. 

The texture within the piece is beautiful. There is a staccato nature to the chorus which adds further depth to the luscious single. The complex instrumentation and intelligent arrangement of ‘Jigsaw’ keep the song feeling fresh and exciting throughout. In addition, the excellent guitar solo takes the audience on unexpected twists and turns, keeping the listener on their toes. 

Hinks says about the release, “My new single, ‘Jigsaw’, is an exploration of growth, individuality and character. After tasking myself to write a song representing each stage of grief, I began with ‘Acceptance’ to focus on grief’s cyclical nature.” Hinks touches the audience with this latest release and leaves his mark. 

Jack Hinks is an intelligent and soulful artist who is at the top of his game. ‘Jigsaw’ takes the listener on a journey. The single discusses themes of independence and identity in a captivating and charismatic way.


Jack Hinks is a troubadour who is making waves with this latest release. ‘Jigsaw’ is a must-hear single this winter and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do in 2021. 

Until then, ‘Jigsaw’ is available to hear from the link below. We are big Jack Hinks fans; he is an artist on the up, and we will be waiting with eager anticipation to hear what will come next. 

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