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Jack McKeever – ‘Here We Go Lifting’

Musician and producer Jack McKeever has released his exquisite single, ‘Here We Go Lifting’. It is a thoroughly enthralling listen. 

A warm and inviting feel grabs the listener’s attention from the get-go. The acoustic guitar is the stoic workhorse of the piece and masterfully dictates the tempo. The percussion adds further ambience and lays the foundations for the drums to enter later. 

We loved the rich bass, which is melodic and weaves new paths within the piece. The vocals are inviting, filled with texture and colour. On the memorable chorus, a female vocal performance can be heard, adding new layers of depth to the piece. Joan As A Police Woman provides this sensual addition and brings her unique talents to the piece.

McKeever says, “I have been making music for more than twenty years. It is more and more mine as the time goes by. The music is pure and live and organic and analogue.” This is what gives ‘Here We Go Lifting’ its sincere and inviting quality. It has a seventies feel to it with the associated warm and addictive tone.

Having previously owned and operated The Maid’s Room Recording Studio in NYC from 2003-2018, McKeever is a musician who is also a brilliant engineer and producer. McKeever has toured over his extensive career performing in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Dublin, London and Rotterdam. He played in Dublin as the guest of Glen Hansard, Washington DC in August 2019 as the guest of Rufus Wainwright, and Rotterdam in connection with a documentary about his late friend Jeff Buckley.

Make sure you check out this magnificent release. McKeever is a talented and extensive musician who needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. 

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