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Jack Schwab

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Jack Schwab – ‘Better Now’

‘Better Now’ is the superb brand new album from London based artist Jack Schwab. It is an Americana release that needs to be heard this winter 2020. 

‘New Day’ opens the release. It is a gorgeous acoustic song which sets the scene as to what is to come. The track evolves with the listener and is a beautiful listen.

Stand out tracks include, ‘Landslide’, its upbeat nature is intoxicating, and ‘Songs Of Sun’, the gorgeous guitar work is intricate, and the intelligent arrangement draws the listener in. In addition, ‘Back and Forth’ is a textured track which injects its unique colour into the piece. 

Schwab’s voice is deep and rich, filling the sonic spectrum with a gorgeous tone which compels the listener. Lyrically, Schwab is writing songs which connect with his audience. 

Schwab says about the release, “My debut album, ‘Better Now’, deals with love, loss, healing and moving on from what comes with it all. It was all recorded and produced during the first UK national lockdown.” He continues, “Being stuck at home provided me with the opportunity to reunite with my family in a way I hadn’t before, and it made me look back on everything we’ve all been through together.”

Exciting Artist

At just 18 years of age, Jack Schwab is an incredibly promising artist. He is creating exciting and ear-catching music that captivates the audience. We are so excited to hear what he will do next, and we know that the 2020s are going to be a significant decade for him. 

So make sure you add ‘Better Now’ to your weekday playlist. This is just the beginning for this superb troubadour, and he has a big career ahead of him. 

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  1. Great Blog aboit a Fabulous musician. Way To Go Jack.

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