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Jack Swing
Jack Swing

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Jack Swing – ‘Get What’s Mine For You’

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Jack Swing is a three-piece band whose latest release, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ is a must-hear EP this week. 

The title track ‘Get What’s Mine For You’, opens the release and it is instantly enticing. Jack Swing sets a luscious groove that intoxicates the song and captivates the audience. We adore the funky bass and guitars which, together with the driving drums lay the foundation for the soulful vocals to shine. 

‘Whether I Do’ has a more relaxed vibe to the opening track with melodic guitars and dancing hi-hats. The chorus is catchy and thoroughly engages with the audience. ‘Meet You There’ has a big blues vibe that is magical. It will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Jack Swing say about the release, “The energy behind the album is that of the title, “‘Get What’s Mine For You’. There are things that all of us want out of this life that we sacrifice as we get older.” They continue, “The energy of these tracks is rooted in that decision to get the things out of life that you want and deserve, no matter what obstacle lies ahead.”

Church Recording Studio

‘Get What’s Mine For You’ has been recorded at the Church Recording Studio in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It has been excellently recorded and mixed by Dave Hidek. In addition, Garrett Haines has magnificently mastered it. The team have done an excellent job in creating a piece of art that is thoroughly engaging. 

Released on Walker Records, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ is quite simply a stunning release. Jack Swing is a superb trio who are making exciting and intelligent music. 

We very much look forward to hearing what will come next from this tantalising band. Until then, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ is available from the player below, check it out! 

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