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Hailing from New York City, JACLYN is a contemporary pop artist who is making waves with her magnificent self-titled EP.

‘Alive’ opens the release. It’s soulful and bluesy nature hits the listener from the get-go. We adored JACLYN’s rich and driving vocals, they effortlessly capture the listener’s attention with her impressive range and poetical lyrics. There is also a captivating video which accompanies the song.

‘Sold My Soul’ is another ear-catching track. The layered vocals and compelling groove are filled with texture and colour. ‘Ptsd’ has a gorgeous chorus featuring textured guitars, and luscious harmonies.

‘Lonely Boy’ continues the bluesy vibe with JACLYN’s warm vocals at the forefront of the mix. Finally, ‘Energy’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!

The Providence Music Group

The Providence Music Group say about the release, “JACLYN is the fruition of a promise fulfilled. Picture it: laying in a hospital bed, staring out the window, the world happening everywhere but your sterile room. Despite the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis, you tell yourself that if you ever get a clean bill of health, your soul will swim with music every moment thereafter. That you will dedicate your life to music completely. That is exactly what survivor, JACLYN, did. The result? Her vital new self-titled EP.”

So make sure you make a note of the name JACLYN as we are sure you will hear it a lot more in the future. We are so excited to have discovered this dynamic and unique artist. Any of the songs on ‘JACLYN’ could easily be released as a single, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next.

Until then, check out ‘JACLYN’ from the link below! This is a EP you do not want to miss!

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