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Jacqueline Loor
Jacqueline Loor

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Jacqueline Loor – ‘Deshacer’ (Coming Undone)

Miami based artist Jacqueline Loor has released the excellent single ‘Deshacer’ in September 2020. It is a brilliant release which we recommend checking out!

A stoic solo piano opens the single and Loor’s rich, and enchanting vocals enter. She sings in Spanish which adds extra charm to the piece. The vocals have a gorgeous delay to them, and they have been double-tracked in places. This all makes for an atmospheric performance. 

We adore the main melody, it is catchy and deeply affecting. The percussion enters and the song is in full flow. The way that the instruments enter and leave the piece adds wonderful colour to the single. We adore the strings which enhance the atmospheric feeling too.

Loor says about the release, “The song is about a person who is in a toxic relationship and continues to stay in the relationship even though they are ‘coming undone’ inside.” She continues, “They try to appear they have everything together because of the pressures of society and the pressures they put on themselves, but they are falling apart with every day that goes by. I try to empower the person in the bridge to wake up and get out of the toxic relationship.”


Jacqueline Loor’s family are originally from Tenerife. Loor shot the music video for the release there. It is a superb addition to the music, and we thoroughly recommend checking it out.

Jacqueline Loor is a special talent with a unique and driving sound. She has the ability to connect with the audience and lets us feel less alone together. 

So make sure to add ‘Deshacer’ (Coming Undone) to your weekend playlist. We very much look forward to hearing what Loor will do next! 

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