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Jane - 'Though It Should'
Jane – ‘Though It Should’

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Jane – ‘Though It Should’

Hailing from New York City, Jane is the solo project of singer-songwriter and producer Jane Watson. Her latest single, ‘Though It Should’ is electronic-pop at its finest. 

An upbeat opening greets the listener. Jane’s soulful vocals shine at the forefront of the mix and effortlessly guide the song along. We love the melodic guitar and kick drum, which feels like the heartbeat of the song. 

The layered airy vocals create texture and warmth within the piece, enticing the listener and holding their attention effortlessly. We adore the chorus, which is driving and enigmatic. The many layers of instrumentation build to create a cohesive piece of art that will be a hit this summer. 

Jane - 'Though It Should'
Jane – ‘Though It Should’

Bedroom Pop With a Punch

Jane has said that if she is going to make Bedroom Pop, she wants her Bedroom Pop to ‘pack a punch.’ We think she has certainly achieved this with ‘Though It Should’. She also says that her songs aim to engage, push, and inspire in ways that are different from typical pop songs. She loves to dance and hopes her songs make her listeners want to celebrate.

Jane also states that she adds a unique political twist to each of her songs that urges her listeners to evaluate their positions in society and work for positive change if and wherever they can. This intelligent way of composing comes through on ‘Though It Should’ and resonates deeply with the listener. Jane is an artist who is using her platform to make a difference. 

So make sure you check out this exciting release from the link below. We can not wait to dive into Jane’s back catalogue and see what we have been missing. We very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

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